Alex Jones Returns to X After Elon Musk Poll: Controversial Comeback

Alex Jones Returns to X After Elon Musk Poll: Controversial Comeback

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has made a return to X (formerly Twitter) by reposting a message from Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer. Tate’s message expressed praise for both Jones and X owner Elon Musk, declaring, “We’re back.” Jones, known for false claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, was banned from Twitter in 2018 for violating site rules on abusive behavior. He was also removed from other major platforms, like YouTube and Facebook. Jones’s return was facilitated by a poll conducted by Musk, in which approximately 70% of the two million respondents voted in favour of lifting the ban.

Andrew Tate, who faced his own previous ban from X before having his account reinstated, is a self-proclaimed misogynist influencer currently facing trial in Romania on charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organised crime group to exploit women—charges he denies. Tate defended Jones in a social media post, referring to him as a “hero.”

Elon Musk, who acquired X in October 2022, initially resisted calls to reinstate Jones’s account. However, in a repeat of the move that led to the reinstatement of former US President Donald Trump’s account, Musk asked users to vote on Jones’s return. After the poll ended, Jones’s account was reinstated.

Musk, acknowledging his disagreement with Jones’s statements about Sandy Hook, emphasised the importance of principles over financial considerations. He questioned whether X is a platform that believes in freedom of speech and reiterated that principles matter more than money. Musk has taken a bold stance on free speech, even in the face of boycotts by major advertisers over concerns about antisemitic content on the platform.

The return of Alex Jones to X has reignited debates about the platform’s commitment to free speech and the responsibility it holds in allowing controversial figures back on its platform.


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