U.S. Airlifts Embassy Staff as Haiti’s Violence Escalates

U.S. Airlifts Embassy Staff as Haiti’s Violence Escalates

Against the backdrop of increasing violence and a state of emergency in Haiti, the United States military conducted an operation to evacuate non-essential embassy personnel from the country. The move comes in response to the surge in gang violence, which poses a significant threat to the government and has led to the widespread displacement of civilians.

Recent events in Haiti include jailbreaks orchestrated by armed gangs from the country’s two largest prisons and calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Henry has sought refuge outside Haiti and is appealing to the international community for a United Nations-backed security force to intervene.

The U.S. Southern Command clarified that the evacuation of personnel aligns with standard embassy security protocols worldwide. Similarly, the European Union’s delegation in Haiti has temporarily reduced its presence due to security concerns, with reports indicating the evacuation of staff from Germany and EU embassies.

The ongoing unrest has internally displaced 362,000 Haitians, plunging the Caribbean nation into a state of fear and trauma. Streets are littered with bodies, and armed groups have besieged the capital, targeting critical infrastructure, including the presidential palace. Despite efforts by the Haitian police to repel gang attacks, recent assaults on prisons have resulted in the escape of thousands of inmates.

Haiti remains under a state of emergency, with a nighttime curfew in place. The main port, vital for food imports, has witnessed looting, raising fears of impending food shortages. The closure of the airport further exacerbates the humanitarian crisis, leaving the population vulnerable and isolated.

While addressing the security challenges, the United States continues to support diplomatic initiatives aimed at stabilising Haiti and facilitating a peaceful transition. The situation underscores the pressing need to address political instability and restore order to prevent further humanitarian catastrophes in the region.



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