TikTok to replace the $2 billion Creator Fund with the Creativity Programme Beta

TikTok to replace the $2 billion Creator Fund with the Creativity Programme Beta

TikTok is undergoing a significant change by replacing its $2 billion creator fund with the “creativity programme beta.” This new system, set to begin on December 16th, aims to offer creators more opportunities to earn income. However, there’s a catch: it will only reward videos that are over one minute long.

TikTok’s creator fund was initiated in 2020 with the promise of paying users for their uploads, but many creators reported relatively meagre earnings. The new creativity programme will be accessible to users from select countries who have at least 10,000 followers and a minimum of 100,000 views within a 30-day period. TikTok claims that this new approach has the potential to provide up to 20 times more earnings than the old creator fund.

TikTok, which gained popularity due to its short-form videos, has recently shifted its focus towards longer uploads and more livestreaming. The company believes that longer videos will lead to increased user engagement, thus enhancing the amount of time people spend on the platform.

An aspect of this change that has sparked discussion among creators is the concept of RPM, which stands for Revenue Per Mille. This metric quantifies the amount paid for every 1,000 “qualified” views, where viewers need to watch for a specific duration for their view to count. Some creators have voiced concerns about the inconsistency in RPM rates.

This shift has prompted creators like Zayn Farooqui, also known as Zaynqf, to adapt their content creation strategies. He views the new programme as a positive change, making it easier for creators to earn income. Zayn, who specialises in football-related content and boasts 1.5 million followers, believes that this change serves as a substantial incentive to create content. Although some may only make relatively small amounts, the new system empowers creators to adapt and experiment with longer videos to enhance their engagement and earning potential.


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