The first test flight of an Israeli drone taxi could reduce traffic congestion.

The first test flight of an Israeli drone taxi could reduce traffic congestion.

According to the Times of Israel, Israel has begun its initial round of testing for autonomous drones intended to transport passengers and freight. The goal of this ground-breaking innovation is to ease traffic congestion.

The government of Israel launched an ambitious pilot project known as the “Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI)” with the aim of revolutionising the country’s delivery system and developing an “extensive national drone network.”

This revolutionary project marks a significant turning point because it introduces cutting-edge technology to the Jewish state for the first time. It is the result of collaboration between the “The Israel innovation authority,” “Ayalon Highways Limited,” “the civil aviation authority of Israel (CAAI),” and the “ministry of transportation,”

As part of the project’s second phase, 11 well-known drone operating and delivery organisations engaged in a series of testing and experimental flights across Israel last week.

One of the drones tested during the previous week was “AIR ZERO,” an Israeli-made craft with a range of up to 160 kilometres and a payload capacity of up to 220 kilogrammes. Additionally, Cando Drones, Dronery, and Down Wind conducted autonomous drone test flights.

For the following two years, the initiative’s member businesses will run test flights for a week each month. These flights will transport bigger payloads and cover distances of up to 150 kilometres (93 miles) in regulated airspace.

According to the “National Drone Project,” almost 19,000 sorties have been flown during the last three years.

Israel is a leader in this field, and today’s experiment marked a turning point for the National Drone Initiative, which received praise from throughout the world, according to IAA Director-General Dror Bin.


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