Some unusual rules that King Charles III should follow after the crowning ceremony

Some unusual rules that King Charles III should follow after the crowning ceremony

A coronation ceremony for King Charles III will take place in London today. After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in September of last year, he succeeded to the British crown. Following the coronation ceremony, the heir to the throne will be required to abide by a number of rules, including no signing of anything and no selfies.

  1. The king cannot say no to presents.

According to royal tradition, members of the “British Royal Family” must accept all the presents given to them during any tours or engagements. However, according to the royal family’s gift policy, members are not allowed to accept any gifts, invitations, or other services that would or would seem to put them “under any obligation to the donor.” Additionally, the policy states that “careful attention should be given to any potential offence before rejecting an offer of a gift.”

  1. The king cannot travel with his son, Prince William.

After receiving the crown, the king will be allowed to travel with his son, Prince William, who is the successor to the British throne. According to royal tradition, the two must fly separately to ensure that neither royal’s life is endangered in the case of an accident.

  1. The King shall eat no shellfish.

To prevent food illness, the King and other British royals are urged not to eat shellfish. To protect his safety, the King also refuses food from outsiders.

  1. Dress codes

When visiting foreign nations, the king must adhere to a few clothing codes as well. The royals are expected to dress diplomatically, per the regulations. This means that they ought to dress in a way that is representative of the culture of the destination nation.

  1. No selfies or autographs.

King Charles III, the new monarch, won’t be signing autographs or taking pictures. There is no formal etiquette surrounding selfies; however, this restriction applies to all members of the British royal family.


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