Poojaa Choprah: The torchbearer of ethical fashion in India

Poojaa Choprah: The torchbearer of ethical fashion in India

There are entrepreneurs who stand out not only for their business acumen but also for their commitment to innovation, ethical practices, and societal impact. Poojaa Choprah, the CEO & MD of Felix Impex and the founder of PNA Origine exemplifies this rare breed of leaders who combine business prowess with a profound sense of social responsibility. Hailing from Delhi, her entrepreneurial spirit was evident from the outset as she embarked on a career in image consultancy and fashion styling, bringing global perspectives to her clients. Her unique approach, deeply rooted in cultural appreciation, sets her apart in the industry.

The Origin

Pooja’s educational background, including an Economics degree from Hindu College, Delhi University, and an MBA in Finance from IMM, Delhi, laid the groundwork for her exceptional career trajectory. It was during her MBA that Poojaa realized the transformative power of personal branding, inspiring her to formalize her innate talent for image consulting. However, her creative mind didn’t stop at consultancy. Her passion for the arts and her adhesion towards ethical practices led her to establish PNA Origine, India’s pioneer in animal welfare-conscious fashion.

Pooja’s brand earned accolades from prestigious organizations like PETA, recognizing its ethical stance and dedication to cruelty-free vegan accessories. Her influence in health and wellness was further acknowledged through the title of “Miss Health Queen India” in 2018. What makes her different is her ability to seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, redefining the art of making footwear while honoring her family’s legacy in the industry. Her family’s heritage in the footwear industry serves as a bedrock upon which she builds her innovative endeavors. The richness of traditional techniques, passed down through generations, forms an integral part of her creative vision.

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At Felix Impex, Poojaa’s leadership has elevated the company’s status in the footwear manufacturing industry. Her adherence to quality, and a knack for innovation have not only taken the brand to a global level but also garnered numerous awards and recognitions. Acknowledged as the “Best Gifting Company” at the Inayat Awards Nite 2021, Poojaa’s company, PNA Origine, was commended for its creativity and excellence. The company was also recognized with the “Future of India Business Award” by BrandVotz in 2020.

Furthermore, PNA Origine’s commitment to ethical fashion and cruelty-free vegan accessories was acknowledged with the “Ethical Fashion Brand of the Year” at The Fashion Awards 2017. From being celebrated as “The Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2023” by Economic Times to being named amongst the “25 Most Impactful & Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs 2022” by Brands Council Ratings and receiving the “Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2021” title, Poojaa’s decade-long journey has been marked by a string of prestigious awards honoring her entrepreneurial brilliance and societal contributions.

Moreover, her leadership was highlighted as the “Women Entrepreneur of the Year in the Footwear Industry” at the Business Awards for MSMEs 2023, reinforcing her industry excellence. Her unperturbed resolve to make a positive impact across industries has rightfully earned her a place among the most distinguished entrepreneurs of today.


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