Haiti’s soccer team is rekindling hope following their qualification for the 2023 “Women’s World Cup.”

Haiti’s soccer team is rekindling hope following their qualification for the 2023 “Women’s World Cup.”

Haiti’s women’s football team is set to make their debut at the “Women’s World Cup” in Brisbane, Australia, where they will face England. This is a significant moment for goalkeeper Kerly Theus and her teammates, who see it as an opportunity to inspire the next generation and shed a positive light on their country. Haiti has faced challenges such as gang violence, political instability, and natural disasters, including the devastating earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2010. The team aims to showcase the talent and resilience of Haiti on the world stage.

Theus has a message for the girls in Haiti, urging them to persevere and believe that their time will come. She wants the world to know about Haiti and the abilities of their players. This World Cup is a chance for the country to be recognised and celebrated internationally.

Haiti’s journey to the World Cup has been remarkable. In February, they secured their spot in the tournament by defeating Chile 2-1, marking their first appearance in a FIFA Women’s World Cup. Despite being ranked 55th, they are determined to bring hope and positivity back to their nation.

The team acknowledges their underdog status but believes in their strength as a cohesive unit. They rely on team spirit, trust each other, and fight for every opportunity, even against stronger opponents. They are known as battlers,” who give their all until the final whistle, regardless of the odds.

The women’s team’s participation in the World Cup is historic, as they are the first senior team from Haiti to compete in a World Cup since the men’s side in 1974. Their presence in the tournament symbolises progress and represents the potential for growth in women’s football in Haiti.

Overall, the Haiti women’s football team sees their participation in the World Cup as a chance to shine a positive light on their country, inspire their compatriots, and demonstrate the power of unity and perseverance. They aim to make a lasting impact both on and off the field, leaving a legacy that goes beyond the tournament itself.


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