Get Advice on Your Health, Relationships, Business, and Life from Expert Numerologist Aviiral Pandeiiy

Get Advice on Your Health, Relationships, Business, and Life from Expert Numerologist Aviiral Pandeiiy

As you may already know, numerology is an occult belief system that centres around numbers as its principal element. This branch of science relies on numbers to predict and provide insights into one’s life. The magic of numbers has been a part of people’s lives for ages. In fact, many religions worldwide accept the power of numbers. Aviiral Pandeiiy is a Numerologist and Vaastu expert who is considered an authority in the field with more than 6 years of experience.

Aviiral Pandeiiy hails from a humble brahmin household. Very naturally, he grew up with a keen interest in the topics of numerology and Vaastu. However,  Aviral had his share of difficulties in locating accurate and authentic information on this topic to become more knowledgeable in the field. He learnt from a number of different gurus in this arena, read numerous books, and gained experience with constant practising. Eventually, he chose to impart this valuable knowledge through a  simple method so that anybody may understand this science authentically and have a better life. In 2021, he officially began this professional venture under the name of Trinetr Blessings. Trinetr, or Lord Shiva, is the source of every knowledge and is the Aadi Guru who bestows his blessings on us. Trinetr implies the third eye – the eye of knowledge and wisdom.

Aviiral has already taught hundreds of students. He opted to teach this complicated topic in a very simple and honest manner to make this knowledge more accessible. He began his first batch with ten students and now has over 1000 students. His Trinetr Blessings offers teaching on occult science subjects, authentic & original items, and consulting services. Its course modules are designed to impart knowledge in s highly logical yet simple manner. Moreover, Aviiral assists people in pursuing professions in the occult sciences through his advanced courses. His mission is to raise awareness of these secret disciplines and improve people’s lives.

Aviiral-led Trinetr Blessings has recently launched its numerology software for every student. It also foresees launching its e-commerce website soon. If you are having issues with your health, finances, profession, relationships, or company, Aviiral and his team of industry experts can assist you in reaching your full potential and having a better life experience. Anyone availing of their services would be able to see dramatically positive and tremendous results through simple yet powerful changes such as changing the spelling of their name or business name. So, if you want to reap benefits out of the knowledge of numerology and Vaastu, Aviiral Pandeiiy is the answer to all of your queries.


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