Exclusive interview with Harsimar, Director Operations of Little India Foundation

Exclusive interview with Harsimar, Director Operations of Little India Foundation

Harsimar did her schooling from Mater Dei Convent and pursued her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, an accomplished Fashion Designer, whose designs have been purchased by the most renowned boutiques and brands in the world.

Harsimar is the first girl child in her family who from the beginning, had a quest for knowledge and wanted to expand her horizon. A mother to two beautiful kids and a mother to uncountable needy kids breathing in the slums areas.

She is the Director Operations for Little India Foundation and Chief Operating Officer of Nari Shakti Awards – A platform to Celebrate Women Empowerment with Little India Foundation. “Majority of the Women don’t get the opportunity to showcase their passion, so I started the initiative of Nari Shakti Awards to celebrate all the Women who have a Special Story to Share.”- Harsimar. Today #NariShaktiAwards platform is been recognized by HBW News Global achievers awards 2021 for Harsimar enormous work in Women Empowerment. Sonakshi Goyal based out for UAE is supporting partner and Advisory committee member UAE, we are building our team stronger across globe and open to have new members on with us to join hands with us and make a impact to society.

Nari Shakti Awards, approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is an extraordinary platform which would help women to build a networking platform, build self confidence, and grow a business, and to award reorganization to the unrecognized talents out there and gift wings to the ideas of women empowerment.

This platform provides opportunities to hold exhibition, promote each other online, discount code for work promotion etc.
Numerous versatile events such as Reader’s club, Travel, Fashion for Women, Art for a Cause, Food Walks, Run for a Cause, Women Talk Show are conducted to encourage women and explore connections together. This project is successfully created and is paving ways for social networking as well as inspiring women out there
Presently #NariShaktiAwards platform has 100+ women on board. The first Award Ceremony is tentatively scheduled to be conducted in the year 2023. Initially Nari Shakti Appreciation includes the covering of the unique stories with pictures in the official page of Nari Shakti platform. It becomes an exclusive women networking platform where we appreciate individual women achievements. We believe that one’s story could inspire someone’s life today. If one thinks you are a woman or you know a woman who has made an impact which deserves to earn recognition in the society, Nari Shakti platform is where one needs to be. All working/non-working women with great yet untold stories are appreciated to nominate and empower themselves at this eventful platform.

She Joined in Hands with Little India Foundation, 3 years ago and soon after joining, she got involved and left the Fashion World and started dedicating herself to the World of Seva. Her contributions in the Food Drives, Events are commendable! It’s her dream to connect the dots among Women, making women understand to stand forward and donate meals.
By doing so, one gets to witness different people contributing to networking across the globe and encourage others to be a part of social services.

“I am no one but medium, a soul to give back to the universe in abundance and the reason of starting Nari Shakti Awards platform was to help women in being a shoulder to one another.”

In this current era where everyone fears to be left out in the rat-race, there are always few personalities with beautiful hearts who relentlessly serve to the society. Those personalities have broader visions but sometimes due to lack of appropriate connections, so Nari Shakti is a platform which would help one to get those dots connecting each other globally and locally. Nari Shakti Awards is dedicated to the cause of women empowerment.

Harsimar revealed on being asked regarding her leaving of the Fashion World for Seva,” Transformation doesn’t happen unless you’re willing: It’s your choice.- This is a great quote which synchronizes with me. The decision of Leaving Fashion World for Seva (Serving Humanity) is one of that decisions which I never regret. It’s my immense pleasure to serve Humanity. The contentment received, the smiles crafted and Happiness swirling wherever you go is something unmatchable.”
The remarkable thoughts of Harsimar are an embodiment of Humanity as well as an exemplary example for all the women across the globe.

She is an enthusiastic person who has keen interest in the fields of Art & Fashion. Apart from these, she is a Wanderlust who have travelled for 18 years and explored Asia, Europe, North America etc. The dedication of hers to Serve Humanity is an epitome of Humanity itself.


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