Covid Warriors Of India Steps Forward To Unconditional Support Covid Patients

Covid Warriors Of India Steps Forward To Unconditional Support Covid Patients

Covid Warriors Of India is an initiative to support fellow human beings amidst this pandemic time. Covid-19 has profoundly impacted human lives, affecting them physically, economically, and emotionally. Thus, in this earnest need of the hour, the only mantra is to be together i.e. “ United we stand, divided we fall.” With a vision to extend unconditional support to Covid patients, Covid Warriors Of India stands to battle Covid-19 unitedly. Their mission is to break the chain of psychological trauma globally by instilling in every soul infinite courage, infinite patience, infinite strength, infinite nationalism, infinite faith in oneself in the service of the Nation and mankind towards this global adversary together as a community. 

Kenneth Wilfred Vincent, the Chairman of Rose Bud Education Trust believes in Swami Vivekananda’s quote i.e “Strength is Life, Weakness is Death. The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity and the present scenario is a call to step forward and serve fellow brothers and sisters.” He further adds their tagline ‘I am a COVID Warrior, R U’, inspires them to perform their role and responsibilities diligently.

The team is aiming to conduct the largest vaccination drive at the private school level to vaccinate more than 10,000 teaching & non-teaching staff of multiple schools in West Bengal. A Testing Drive is the need of the hour. Covid Warriors Of India intends to sign up with reliable testing centers to get quick and accurate results. The volunteers further support the corona patients by supplying the essentials. The regular use of mask and sanitization goes without a saying, thus the team undertakes timely mask distribution and sanitization drive. 

Covid-19 has additionally led to a surge in stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger, and mental health illnesses.; making it a serious threat to human lives. Covid Warriors Of India offers mental health counseling through knowledge partners from Germany, Global Shapers Dusseldorf under the able team of Ms. Harshita Kaul. Her project Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam provides holistic well-being to people in India, thereby helping them cope up emotionally. The teachers under the banner of Covid Warriors Of India have organized mass awareness campaigns on mental health, nutrition, and well-being through inter-school competitions wherein more than 200 schools are expected to participate. 

Covid Warriors Of India serves as a single platform for all those who are seeking information or are longing for care & support. Visit if you wish to volunteer or are seeking help. 


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