Chocolatier Smriti Bhatia, A Chocolatier Who Supplies Healthy, Ayurvedic And Sugar-free Chocolates

Chocolatier Smriti Bhatia, A Chocolatier Who Supplies Healthy,  Ayurvedic And Sugar-free Chocolates

Chocolatier Smriti Bhatia, a well known chocolatier who supplies chocolates to Pan India. Since 2010 Smriti’s ChocoHouse and SIABAZ have been cherished. Chocolates in Bollywood themes, sports, cartoons, laws, jungles, kitchen sets and much more have also been designed according to the people’s wish. Keeping chocolate range aside they even offer sugar-free, ayurvedic and vegan gluten-free ranges. Coming to the fusion range, chocolate burgers, chocolate paan wraps and chocolate golgappas are also offered. Supplying frozen desserts, chocolate spreads, ice cream cakes, chocolate syrups, popsicles with a twist, bliss rocks, sugar-free ice cream topping syrups and fondue ice cream is their speciality. In the last one year of Covid situations, these are the products launched to re-strategize and serve varieties at the doorstep.

Chocolate alphabet by Smriti Bhatia is Amazon’s best-selling book. It is not just a routine book with recipes, every letter is interlinked with chocolates which maintain a good relationship with chocolates. It gives a clear answer about why are women more attracted to chocolates? Why are chocolates the popular gifts for the people in love? Why do chocolates make everyone delighted? So, this book makes you build your relationship deeper with chocolates.

For their best home-based creative start-up by the entrepreneur magazine in association with Zee business, they were nominated as an awardee. For their chocolate innovations and training in chocolate making, they have been awarded by Culinary forums across Delhi and Mumbai and Aahar India. Interactive sessions like chocolate making workshops and chocolate games for birthday parties have also been conducted. Along with guest lectures they have also participated in panel discussions in esteemed universities, many shows have been channelled with Amul and Nestle. Times of India, social media, and radio FM channels have also interviewed them.

Sugar-free products are also provided which are beneficial to sugar patients and gym freaks. For the people who are allergic, vegan and gluten-free chocolates are created. They only believe that chocolates give a stress-free joy at any time, chemicals produced by the chocolates keep you healthier and energised, due to its healing properties, doctors use it to treat health problems and sometimes they act like medicine which smoothen out wrinkles. They believe that one can experience the true joy of chocolate only when they eat it with their hands and not with the wrapper. They have environment-friendly biodegradable packs.

For chocolate competitions, they have been part of the jury panel and they are official distributors of the house of candy.

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