Astroworld: A nine-year-old boy dies just days after being crushed at a Travis Scott concert

Astroworld: A nine-year-old boy dies just days after being crushed at a Travis Scott concert

A nine-year-old child who was placed in an induced coma following a crowd surge at the Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, has died according to a family lawyer.

Since the event on November 5, Ezra Blount has been on life support in the hospital owing to severe brain and organ trauma. He is the youngest of ten concertgoers killed when a panic attack occurred during rapper Travis Scott’s headline performance.

Hundreds more were injured as the mob pressed in closer to the stage.

Attorneys for more than 200 people who claim to have been hurt in the rush informed reporters on Friday that they were preparing to file another 90 lawsuits against the event’s organisers.

The concert’s crowd rush began around 21:15 local time on Friday, November 5th. The festival, held at the city’s NRG Park complex, drew around 50,000 people. Officials added that as the crush began to injure people, fear spread and the casualties swiftly overwhelmed the on-site first responders.

Investigators are looking into video from the incident to see what caused the surge and what kept people from fleeing. In addition, they are interviewing victims and witnesses. The victims were between the ages of nine and twenty-seven.

Scott, one of the most well-known rap artists, co-founded Astroworld in 2018 with concert promoters, Live Nation. According to a statement, he has asked victims to contact him, saying he “desperately desires to offer his sympathies and provide assistance.”

At around 21:30 local time, the victims were crushed by a surge of supporters approaching the stage, according to police.

Scott went on to perform for another 40 minutes, finishing the concert roughly 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Houston fire chief Samuel Pea said last week that Scott should have called a halt to the event sooner. At one point, an ambulance was attempting to navigate its way through the crowd. 


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