Apple employees are attempting to form the first union at a store in US

Apple employees are attempting to form the first union at a store in US

Workers at Apple’s New York Grand Central Station shop have stated their intention to form a union.

If their application is successful, it would be the first union at one of the internet giant’s US outlets.

To be eligible for a union election, the Fruit Stand Workers United group needs to collect signatures from 30 per cent of the store’s employees.

Staff at Starbucks and Amazon have been pushing for unionisation. The announcement has elicited no response from Apple.

According to a statement on the proposed union’s campaign website, “Grand Central is an outstanding store with unique working conditions that make a union imperative to ensure our workforce has the finest possible standards of living.”

The organisation claimed they were operating in “exceptional times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and once-in-a-generation consumer price inflation,” yet the names of the staff members directing the initiative were not disclosed on their website.

The organisation also wants a $30 (£23) minimum hourly wage for all workers, increased vacation time, and details on more stringent safety practices at the Grand Central facility, according to the group.

Workers United is an affiliate of the national Service Employees International Union, which was founded in 2009 after the merger of numerous previous unions.

After an election victory in New York last year, a Starbucks unionisation movement backed by Workers United has spread across the country.

After an insurgent campaign won an election at a facility in adjacent Staten Island earlier this month, Amazon is facing a mounting fight from unions.

According to The Washington Post, employees at least three other Apple stores are also attempting to organise.


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